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So You Want to Be a Needgreater…

@cartersandecuador.wordpress.comOver the weekend, we did our first “Ask a Needgreater” session, and with the help from Linka (, it was a success! With 19 public questions and all the private messages with questions, we have even started our own video series, What’s What in Ecuador, in order to show what needgreating is all about in our area. (Yes, I copied Linka again with the video series…I am her mini-me 🙂 Now she just needs to give lessons on how to use reels/story for Instagram videos.)

We actually had 4 families that mentioned that Ecuador was on their list of countries to consider moving to if and when the pandemic is over. We took one of the questions What are the first steps to becoming a needgreater? and will discuss it in more detail here on the blog.

Right away we want to say that Jehovah’s organization has a wonderful amount of information for families to read, meditate, and pray over when considering a move. For example, the series of articles, ‘They Offered Themselves Willingly…’ would be a good place to start. Also, the Kingdom Ministry 08/2011 has a nice article entitled, “Can You Step Over Into Macedonia?”, plus many other references can be found on the online library. Continue reading “So You Want to Be a Needgreater…”

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Pandemic and Elections in Ecuador

cartersandecuador.wordpress.comWith the States just getting over their elections, I thought you might find it interesting how elections take place in Ecuador. The next presidential election takes place in February, 2021.

When we arrived four years ago, Ecuador was gearing up for an election. It seemed that every wall in town was being painted with the candidates’ information. Loud speakers from vehicles would blare the candidates’ names and party numbers throughout the neighborhoods, day or night – the hour didn’t matter to them. We even got caught in a political rally while doing public preaching in Chaltura. Imagine being surrounded by a swarm of people and cars chanting for their candidate!

The election is held on a Sunday in order for people to travel back to their hometown to vote. This is normally the town of their birth. Public transportation is packed on those days. If you happened to register to vote when you lived on the coast, and now you live in the sierras, you have to travel back to the coast in order to vote. Many use this as a time to visit their families. A person can change their required voting location if they don’t want to travel far, however. Continue reading “Pandemic and Elections in Ecuador”

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An Assignment Has Ended in Ecuador

Not too long ago Kurt and I were Zooming with friends in the States. In their area, the Branch had merged several smaller congregations with the city’s larger congregations. One brother assisting with that process mentioned that ‘an assignment always has a beginning, and it always has an end’. His point was that whatever role or assignment we have in Jehovah’s organization, it will eventually come to an end. And that is exactly what has happened for some of the friends here in Ecuador, including my parents.

As of December 29, 2020, the last English meeting will be held in the country. What does that mean for our friends who have supported the English field for years here in Ecuador? Continue reading “An Assignment Has Ended in Ecuador”