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Preaching Along the Río Cayapas

Needgreater: a person who expands their ministry by moving to an area

where there is a greater need in the ministry

Praching along the Rio

I really don’t know how to start off this post. We only spent 4 days along the Río Cayapas, but those days gave us a lot to reflect on.

To get to San José de Cayapas, we drove 4 hours towards Esmeraldas, arriving in a river town named Borbón. There we parked our vehicles at a brother’s house. Packing everything onto the ‘lancha’, or boat (the size was a little bigger than the one pictured that the friends use in the ministry), we then went two hours upstream until we landed at San Josè de Cayapas.

San Josè de Cayapas is a small village of about 150 people, 8 of them being our friends. This area of Ecuador is populated by Afro-Ecuadorians, descendants of African slaves brought by the Spanish when they were conquering Ecuador from the Incas. There’s also a small group of Indigenous known as the Chachi. The two groups have coexisted for around 400 years. Continue reading “Preaching Along the Río Cayapas”

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Are You Ready to Rent a Home in Ecuador?

Renting Expectations in Ecuador @ cartersandecuador.wordpress.comIn five more months, Kurt and I will have lived in Ecuador for 3 years. During that time, we will have lived in four different houses. Why have we moved so much? Let me explain…

Our very first house was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath…very Ecuadorian. What does that mean? It had widow makers in the showers, and no other source of hot water. I thought no problem, I don’t need hot water in the kitchen or bathroom sinks. When in Ecuador, live like an Ecuadorian!  Well, after about 9 months, I decided I was through with that sacrifice! So, when our 1 year lease came due, we moved to a townhome that had hot water through out the property.

Our second home, we loved! We loved the location, the layout, and the hot water. We probably would still be there if it hadn’t been that the owner decided she wanted to sell the townhome. So, 9 months later, we found ourselves looking for a new place to move. Continue reading “Are You Ready to Rent a Home in Ecuador?”

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Should I Get a Car in Ecuador?

Another hot topic we get asked about – transportation.

“How do you get around?” “Is it safe to take a taxi?” “What about the buses?” “Should I get a car?”

Do I Need a Car in Ecuador? @cartersandecuador.wordpress.comAll we can do is tell you our experience, and our observations of what others have done.

Kurt and I went 14 months using the buses and taxis before purchasing a vehicle. We actually fought against the idea of buying a car, but gave in when a good deal landed in our lap. Even to this day, we will park the vehicle and grab a bus when time is not a factor.

For whatever reason, some people will purchase a vehicle right away. Kurt and I feel like this hurts them in the long run. First, they do not know anything about the bus routes, where the stops are, or the different bus companies. If their vehicle goes into the shop, they are completely lost as to how to get around, or even how to get back home. Second, their mindset is still set on the American way of doing things…need to go two blocks to the store, hop in the car and drive there. Walking never enters their mind.

We feel there are many benefits to using public transportation: Continue reading “Should I Get a Car in Ecuador?”