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overlooking Quito

It has been our dream to move to Ecuador for the past few years. We started EcuadorDream when we realized that we had a ton of information we had accumulated through research and our experience from visiting Ecuador. Not only to sift through and organize the material for ourselves, but also to share any information that would be helpful to others who were looking for the South American dream, EcuadorDream was born. (Now called

After doing extensive reading, we felt we would be happier in the highlands, particularly Quito or a little further north, the Ibarra area. You will find more information in our blog about these areas than other parts of Ecuador. As we visit different areas of the country or as we have guest bloggers, we will mention those areas as well.

Here are some of our most popular posts that will get you started on our journey and yours…….

What were we looking for in a country to move to:  Number 4 and You’re It!

What to expect at the Quito airport:  And Away We Fly

QuitoSights, Sounds, and Smells of Quito

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